From simple problem solving to innovative excavation shoring: The Helilock story.
Safety for everyone

At our company, we exist to create a safer excavation and construction site by providing a versatile, cost-effective, and reusable shoring solution that saves lives. We have recognized a need for more shoring products and aim to improve the industry standard. As construction and dirt experts, we are exceptional at reading dirt and specialize in problem-solving. We provide exceptional customer service and have built strong relationships with contractors and builders.

People are the solution

We provide exceptional customer service and have built strong relationships with contractors and builders. Our geotechnical reports include soil readings, moisture content, and texture readings. We want people to say that we are problem solvers and provide cost-effective, reusable solutions that work. We aim to be known for saving lives, being cost-effective, versatile, and a time-saver, and as ground experts. What sets us apart from the rest is our reusable, faster, and maneuverable solution.

Adding value is our priority

We enjoy the fact that we save lives with a streamlined process. We are proud that our products are properly engineered and provide a good return on investment. Our key stakeholders include installers, commercial builders, labourers/workers in the hole, and shoring manufacturers. We intend to make a difference in their lives by providing financial gains, the equipment they can continually work with, speed/timelines, and creating a safe work environment.

A little history...

Helilock Shoring System's story began in the summer of 2011 when a shoring problem needed to be solved. Using screw pile technology as part of a modular shoring system, the project was a success, and a new excavation shoring technique was born.

Over the years, Helilock has continued to refine and engineer our innovative shoring solutions. Our mission is to promote safety and save lives on excavation and construction sites, all while providing an outstanding return on investment. We are a team of skilled problem solvers committed to delivering exceptional customer service.

As soil experts, we have developed a groundbreaking product that offers unparalleled maneuverability and versatility, allowing us to complete the job five times faster than other processes available today. Our main objective is to revolutionize the industry standard with an efficient and effective solution while simultaneously setting high standards for health and safety on every job site with our patented technology.

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